Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Work At Home Business: Surprising Facts

Home business or "home-based business" or referred to by the acronym "HBB", this trend of self-employment, work at home solutions , small business types, exploring virtual, global, digital marketplace and opportunity is where the buzz is. Many argue and postulate, even predict that this is what the world and dynamics of work will look like in and for generations to come. For those entrepreneurs and own business wannabees, a work at home business is one that that operates from the business owner's home office. This means you will effectively be living and working at and out of the same location. Work life balance will be easier (or much harder), depending on your maturity level, distractions, priorities, goals, discipline, financial means, support, business plan and such.

In addition to the physical location, the home office, you work at home or home business can/might be and include:

- Having a very small number of employees or just yourself
- You might employ family, relatives or kids, contract workers, partner with other businesses
- Could be a family-owned, operated, run and managed business.
- It could have a virtual shop frontage, physical address (even if it is your garage!)
- There might still be a brick-and-mortar, or street-bound, mobile business as well (truck, off-site storage, rented office space, other branches), etc.
- Many do not think that work at home business can be serious pursuits, but they are not the ones in the know! There is huge earnings potential and profitability if you time, plan, launch, market, position and sell well. The world and global markets are now within such easy reach with the internet and technological advances, increasingly friendly trade practices and cooperation from right over the globe, virtual markets and marketplaces, buying/selling forums and solutions think e-bay, Amazon etc.

Home businesses and work at home business type pursuits are typically cheaper to get up and running, manage, run, grow and expand. There are less expenses (e.g. house rent, commuting mileage) , supply/demand type economical principles will dictate and formulate the growth of the business. For tax purposes there are legitimate ways to use this home business or work at home business to lower your taxes, with real business expenses to increase the money back in your pocket – not lining the IRS’s pocket any longer.

According to online sourcing some modern-day, contemporary, examples of companies started as home-based business are: Microsoft Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, Apple Inc. and Xerox Corporation. Great example of what the magic of work at home business can do.